Spacemacs Cheat Sheet

Get help, quit and configure


Basic commands

Key Binding Description
SPC q q Quit
SPC z x Increase/decrease font size
SPC f e d Edit .spacemacs config files
SPC q r Restart Spacemacs
f d evil-escape from insert and everything else
SPC a u Undo tree visualizer q to quit it. C-nC-p to navigate
SPC t w Show whitespace
SPC : type tabify spaces to tabs
SPC : type untabify convert tabs to spaces

Getting help

Help opens up with SPC h

Key Binding Description
SPC h m describe the current mode


Key Binding Description
SPC r e show evil yank and named registers
SPC r m show marks register
SPC r r show helm register
SPC r y show kill ring


Key Bindings Description
SPC w S Split horizontal and focus
SPC w v Split window
SPC w V Split window and focus
SPC w c Close window

Ido vertical mode

Key Bindings Description
C-n Next result
C-p Previous result
C-o Open file in new window
C-RET Open a dired buffer


Key Bindings Description
SPC f t Open/Close NeoTree in current directory
SPC p t Open/Close NeoTree in project root
** hjkl ** navigate
** H ** Up

Working File manipulation

Previous next commands []

[ -> previous ] -> next

Key Bindings Description
]e Move line down
[e Move line up

Jumps j

Key Bindings Description
SPC j l Jump to line with avy
SPC j b Jump back
SPC j w Avy jump word

Searching and replacing

Key Bindings Description
\ Search symbol below cursor
SPC s a a Ag this file
/ Search in file
SPC / Helm Ag search in project

Substitute works as in Vim

Replaces all foo with bar


Replace but ask first


Replace all matches in project

  • Search with SPC /
  • Enter in edit mode C-c C-e
  • Go to the occurrences and enter in iedit state with SPC s e
  • Edit and then leave the iedit sate
  • Exit edit mode C-c C-c


Key Bindings Description
SPC p b Switch to buffer
SPC p p Switch project
SPC p f Find in project
SPC p h File helm
SPC s a f Ag file name in directory