SVN changelist command

I’m not a big fan of SVN but it was inescapable evil in some projects.

One of the best command from SVN is changelist.

Changelists are the best way to separate part of the project and working on separate issues.

Adding file to changelist is stright forward:

svn changelist 'issue01' file1 file2

Path file1 is now  part of changelist 'issue01'
Path file2 si now part of chagelist 'issue01'

When commiting changes we can commit only the changes of particular changelist:

svn ci --changelist 'issue01' -m "Issue 01 fixes"

This is extremely powerful as this allow us to work on multiple different, distinct part of our project.

--changelist options can be used on almost every svn command

svn st --changelist
svn diff --changelist

Even changelist command support --changelist option this allows us to rename and remove a changelist.

svn changelist --remove --changelsit issue01 --depth infinity .
Path file1 is no longer member of changelist issue01
Path file2 is no longer member of changelist issue01

svn commit have --keep-changelists option which preserves file assignments to changelist after commit


The shouting note is needed just because if you want to add new files to changelist you can fall into the somewhat informative error:

is not part of a working copy but it's children are