High view recap of SOLID

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This is little remainder about SOLID

SOLID design principles

Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)

Class should only have a single responsibility

Open-Closed Principle (OCP)

Entities should be open for extension but closed for modification

Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP)

Objects should be replaceable with instances of their subtypes without altering program correctness

Interface segregation Principle(ISP)

Many client-specific interfaces better than one general-purpose interface

Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP)

Dependencies should be abstract rather than concrete

  • High-level modules should not depend on low-level modules. Both should depend on abstractions.

    Example: reporting component should depend on a ConsoleLogger, but can depend on a ILoger

  • Abstraction should not depend on detail. Detail should depend upon abstraction.

  • Inversion of Control(IoC) - the actual process of creating abstractions and getting them to replace dependencies.

  • Dependency Injection - use of software frameworks to ensure that a component’s dependencies are satisfied.