Spacemacs install on Windows

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Recently I start using Spacemacs as Windows editor comforatable substitute for Neovim in Windows OS. As always installation is not stight forward there are more than one source of information I dig out and try few things before all works as I like it.

For now the experience is quite plesant interface is quite nice and the system shows a lot of promise here is short instruction of installation and all things need to be configured.

Note that I still could not make Aspell to work

Spacemacs basic installation

Install Emacs for windows use mirrors

  1. Download relevant zip file and unzip in some nice dir e.g C:\emacs
  2. Add emacs dir bin to path Windows variable C:\emacs\bin
  3. Crete home directory e.g C:\home
  4. Crete new Windows system variable HOME and add to it home dir path
    • Go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Environmen Variables
    • Under System variables click on New and enter following:
      • Variable name: HOME
      • Variable value: C:\home
  5. Navigate to Emacs install dir C:\emacs
    • run addpm.exe it should show pop-up with message Install Emacs at C:\emacs
    • navigate to C:\home and check that there is .emacs.d directory
    • run runemacs.exe to check that all is working

Install Spacemacs use GitHub source


Make sure you’ve got Git and it’s added to path Windows variables

  1. Rename .emacs.d to .emacs.d_bak or remove altogether
  2. Clone sourcefiles git clone ~/.emacs.d
  3. Configure Quelpa I use Native Emacs install
  4. Start Emacs install and update .spacemacs with personal configuration